It’s fall and the apples are at their peak.  Join us for an afternoon celebrating apples.  We will be pressing cider, making applesauce, identifying heritage apples such as Limber Twig and Willowwig, and learning the basics of apple tree care and maintenance.  Of course there will be plenty of apples to eat! Will vacuum seal the apples to keep them fresh for long time, the food vacuum sealers are bought based on these reviews here. We recommend vacuum sealers for everyone, good way to keep your food fresh and save money!

Festival Activities Include:

Apple Cider Pressing-Hand pressing apple cider from drops.


Applesauce making- using a traditional food mill we will cook our own applesauce using only apples! 


Apple Baked Goods Contest- Bring your pie, cake, muffins, or pancakes to be judged.


Heritage Apples- You will be amazed at the many varieties of apples from the past! 


Apple Tree Pruning- Learn the care and maintenance for apple tree young and old.


Apple Scavenger Hunt- Find apple trees from the past  in the forest, discover who eats apples in the wild, what are all of those holes in the bark of the apple tree?  


Apple Crafts- Apple Head dolls, Apple prints, and more!