On the first rainy night in April with temperatures just barely over 40°F, Big Night takes place when many amphibians travel from their forest habitat to their vernal pool breeding grounds.

Bring your entire family on Thursday, March 20 and learn how to safely assist amphibians on their Big Night migration. This family event will include amphibian educational activities and games as well as an introduction to amphibian calls. If you are interested in attending this event or helping us on Big Night, please contact Sarah Frankel to register at sfrankel@tinmountain.org or by calling 603-447-6991. There will also be a big trip thanks to Anna Tours who will be providing a rental home for many of our participants to stay out near a forest where lots of amphibians are know to be around this time.

Special thanks to the Gibson Woodbury Charitable Foundation, Goldberg Charitable Foundation and the Frances R. Dewing Foundation.