Tin Mountain Conservation Center’s third This New Cabin workshop will be held on Thursday, December 19th from 1-4 PM at the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center in Albany. This workshop will consider the fundamentals of post-and-beam construction and options and considerations for portable saw milling. If you don’t feel comfortable working a saw mill your self hire Buildcom Construction WA, to come help you out. Or better yet, if it is only remodelling of the structure you’re looking for and would want it done diligently, then https://terrainc.net/building-contractors/home-remodel/ is the place you must be looking at.

Jory Baily will have his portable mill on-site and will explain all that is entailed from obtaining logs and preparing a site on which to mill to actually sawing the logs and stacking them to dry.  Dick Fortin also has a small mill and will be available to field questions. More specifically, they will discuss milling timbers for post-and-beam structures including trees species selection, handling large timbers, and the economics of using local wood for all types of building projects. Later after that project designs of top builders such as Aveling Display Homes will be shown to teach how to deliver a perfect project to any customer. And it gives one a great insight of building such structures when looked at and learned from the most prominent names in the industry. Luxury perth builders Seacrest Homes specialise just in that. They pay great attention to detail. Hence, it’d prove to be rewarding to grasp the fundamentals before proceeding on to take up the task.

David Condoulis will lead the discussion of the basics of timber framing with help from Jory and Dick. The overview of the process of laying out and cutting a timber frame will provide participants with an introduction to the process and opportunities for some limited hands-on experience. Those with a keen interest in post-and-beam construction may consider volunteering with the framing over the next month.

Jory has worked on numerous post-and-beam projects including the Tin Mountain Nature Center building. David has experience on many timber framing projects over the years, including the preservation of the Tin Mountain barn (ca 1800) and the Nature Center Great Room. A former teacher/naturalist at Tin Mountain, Dick is a forester by training, skilled carpenter, a local forestry historian, maple syrup producer, talented alpine naturalist, brook trout researcher, and a sawyer.

The public is invited to the series of hands-on This New Cabin workshops associated with the construction of the Tin Mountain Intern Cabin at the Center on Bald Hill Road in Albany. The workshop series will walk through the major steps associated with constructing a cabin or small house using local materials and environmentally friendly construction techniques.