Thursday, December 10 Noon-1pm


(ALBANY)  Tin Mountain’s monthly Eco-Forum lunchtime lecture series at noon on Thursday, December10th at the Nature Learning Center in Albany will feature White Mountain National Forest wildlife and fisheries biologist Jay Milot, who will discuss efforts in which he has been involved to enhance wild brook trout populations in the White Mountains region. Jay’s presentation is jointly sponsored by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) with whom Tin Mountain Conservation Center is initiating a project to study several local streams and assist local landowners with efforts to improve native brook trout habitat on their properties.


Stream surveys suggest the greatest stream degradation effect on brook trout is the loss of pools, which provide cover and thermal refuge to adult fish during periods of low flow.  Local streams have suitable water quality for brook trout, but they have been degraded, typically by log drives that resulted in over-widening, entrenchment, a lack of pools, straightening, instability, and severe flow fluctuations. Jay will discuss his work adding wood to local stream channels by felling streamside trees that attenuate peak flows, reduce flashiness and bank erosion, trap organic sediments and spawning gravels, and create pool habitat vital to brook trout. The positive influence on brook trout abundance, size structure, biomass; abundance and community structure of aquatic insects; abundance of streamside salamanders; and in-stream habitat is dramatic.


The Eco-Forum lunchtime lecture series is sponsored by The Flatbread Company of North Conway as well as the Rock House Baker and is presented at noon on the second Thursday of each month at the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center in Albany. The public is urged to attend to learn more about salient issues facing our natural environment and to hear the views of thought-provoking speakers.