Monarch Butterflies are amazing! They fly all the way to Mexico to very specific forests to survive the winter. What do they eat to prepare for the journey and how can you tell the male and female apart? Johanna Vienneau, Monarch Watch member, will lead the audience through the migration, current challenges they face, and even how to raise a Monarch caterpillar. Join Tin Mountain on Thursday, September 13, at noon to learn more.

Johanna Vienneau has always enjoyed exploring the natural world. From an early age, she was wandering in the woods following a Pileated Woodpecker (convinced it was an Ivory Billed), catching and cooking and eating crayfish, and hatching Praying Mantis. She carried this enthusiasm all the way to her classroom where she taught middle school science in Tamworth for 28 years. Her students helped raise Monarch Butterflies in the classroom and built a butterfly garden at the school that was dedicated in 1995. Johanna has been tagging butterflies through Monarch Watch since 2000. In February of 2007 she was fortunate to travel to Mexico to see the Monarch colonies with Monarch Teacher Network.

In her presentation, Johanna will address the challenges faced by monarchs each fall as they make their remarkable 2000+ mile migration. She will also present their basic life history, including what they eat and its benefits, how to tell male and female apart, and what threats the insects face (Predators, parasites and viruses, oh my!). Johanna will even discuss how to raise Monarch caterpillars. You won’t want to miss this colorful program!