When you are unloading an armful of trash, it can be a challenge to remember just what can be recycled and what cannot. Most plastic products can be recycled with the right symbol, but can plastic shopping bags? Aluminum cans should be recycled but should aluminum foil?  Recycling in Conway is mandatory, so if you use the Conway Transfer Station, make sure you know the regulations of Conway’s Recycling program. Paul DegliAngeli, Public Works Director, will discuss Conway’s ongoing efforts to recycle and extend the life of our landfills. Join Tin Mountain for the monthly EcoForum Series on Thursday, April 10th, at noon to learn more.

Paul DegliAngeli has been the Public Works Director and Town Engineer for Conway since 1992. Prior to his work with the town he spent 10 years at the naval Shipyard. Paul currently serves on the Board of Directors for the following professional organizations; ASHRAE, SWANA and NHPWA. Paul has two young sons who enjoy skiing, climbing, hiking, and biking throughout the Mount Washington Valley.

In his presentation Paul will also discuss several of the Town’s recent and current projects, including the photovoltaic solar array at the North Conway Water Precinct that provides all the electricity to power the geothermal pump used for sewage treatment. He will describe the renovation and retrofitting of an older town building with radiant heat and a waste well furnace. What does Conway have planned next? You’ll have to join us for the April EcoForum to find out!

The Eco-Forum lunchtime lecture series is sponsored by The Flatbread Company of North Conway, the Rock House Mountain Baker, and Frontside Grind Coffee and Espresso. It is presented at noon on the second Thursday of each month at the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center in Albany. The public is urged to attend to learn more about salient issues facing our natural environment and to hear the views of thought-provoking speakers.