Driving through town on a summer day, you are likely to see flower gardens and landscapes filled with leaves, berries and blooms of exotic plants from all over the world. Although aesthetically pleasing, many of these plants become invasive, taking over the natural plant habitats for surrounding wildlife. Imagine instead your own yard as a lush green landscape speckled with brilliant native wildflowers, shrubs and trees.  The reality of creating such a landscape is much easier than you would think and extremely beneficial.  Landscaping with native plants allows you to beautify your yard, helps to fight invasive plants, and creates vital habitat for New Hampshire’s native wildlife including birds and butterflies.

If you are interested in learning about NH’s beautiful native plants, tips on how to plan your landscape, or where to purchase native plants, join the March 27 EcoForum at noon as local landscaper and artist Carol Jowdy and  NRCS’s Nels Liljedahl, Allscapes WA go over the basics of landscaping with native plants.

The Tin Mountain EcoForum lunchtime lecture series is sponsored by The Flatbread Company of North Conway, and Frontside Grind Coffee. EcoForums are free and open to the public and are presented each month at the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center in Albany. Tin Mountain Conservation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit environmental education organization serving the greater Mount Washington Valley for over 30 years. For more information on Tin Mountain visit www.tinmountain.org, friend us on Facebook, or call 603-447-6991.