Tin Mountain’s monthly Eco-Forum lunchtime lecture series at noon on Thursday, March 11th at the Nature Learning Center in Albany will feature Joshua Trought of D Acres Organic Farm and Educational Homestead.  Josh will discuss the current practices in use at D Acres farm in Dorchester, NH, as well as explore New Hampshire’s local food movement.


Founded in 1997, D Acres serves as an educational resource for the community through research and the teaching of techniques and skills for sustainable living and small-scale organic farming. Through these efforts the organization aims to improve the human relationship with the environment and display the farm and its practices as an exemplar of healthy living. The internship and apprentice program at D Acres allows individuals to become immersed in all aspects of the farming community and through it gain a deeper respect for the interdependence of the natural world. In addition, the organization supports educational activities directed toward improving the quality of life of residents and the larger community. 


Josh Trought is the Executive Director of D Acres and has served the organization for the past 10 years. During this time he has developed and implemented the vision o D Acres- New Hampshire, committed to educating others in environmental stewardship of land and forests, and worked towards a framework of community shared decision-making.  Josh’s commitment to social justice and sustainable living has led to his ongoing efforts to share his knowledge and skill in underserved areas such as South America. 


Josh’s talk will review the D Acres model of farming, including no-till techniques, sheet mulching, season extension, animal tractors and rotation, food preservation, forest gardening, sustainability education and community activism. He will also discuss the localization of food for the region.


The Eco-Forum lunchtime lecture series is sponsored by The Flatbread Company of North Conway as well as the Rock House Mountain Baker and is presented at noon on the second Thursday of each month at the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center in Albany. The public is urged to attend to learn more about salient issues facing our natural environment and to hear the views of thought-provoking speakers.