From 7pm until 8pm

In Person Program

Autumn Gold: The Larch of North America (Evening Program)

Tuesday, October 18, 7pm

There are ten species of larch in the world, and all are found only in the northern hemisphere, including three species of larch in North America. Larch breaks all the rules. It is a conifer but not evergreen. It is considered a softwood, but the wood is hard. It has two distinct needle patterns on the same twig. It has a firewood heat value equal to or superior to many hardwoods. It grows best on moist, well-drained, upland soils but is usually found in swamps. We will discuss the natural history of larch, concentrating on the three North American species. We will learn why larch loses its needles in the winter, the best places to see the Autumn Gold spectacle in October, and other exciting facts about larch.

Program fee: $5/person or $10/household for non-members; members are free