From noon until 1pm

At Nature Learning Center

Most residents and visitors to the Mount Washington Valley are aware of the land preserved in the White Mountain National Forest and various state parks, but how many know about properties protected by conservation easements? And just what does that mean?


This month, Tin Mountain’s EcoForum will focus on recent land and resource protection initiatives undertaken by the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust (USVLT), as described by USVLT Board President Doug Burnell. He will review the different types of easements and preserves held by the organization and highlight which ones are open to the public for use.


Doug will also explain the nature and progress of USVLT’s recent water and agriculture initiatives. These efforts aim to learn more about our abundant water resources and any gaps in their protection and to examine ways to help local farmers continue to farm their land and provide food for the community.


The mission of USVLT is to preserve the ecological systems and cultural values of the upper Saco River valley. They seek to provide for the continued well-being and availability of land for farming, forestry, recreation, and education, as well as to remain in its natural state, to the benefit of both natural and human communities. Their conservation efforts of encompass the towns of Hart’s Location, Jackson, Bartlett, Chatham, Conway, Albany, Madison and Eaton in New Hampshire and Fryeburg, Denmark and Brownfield in Maine.