From 6pm until 8pm

At Nature Learning Center

Join Tin Mountain Bird Society for a summer meeting. The evening will include featured speaker Harry S. Vogel, Executive Director for the Loon Preservation Committee, located in Moultonborough, New Hampshire.  This summer the Tin Mountain Bird Society has assisted the work of the Loon Committee by “covering” 12 lakes here in the White Mountain Region.  The work and process for our Loon monitoring will be explained and Mr. Vogel will be teaching us much about the Common Loon, its threatened existence, and how his organization has had a material impact in restoring Loon populations here in New Hampshire.  This is a wonderful story of local, state, and federal actions that collectively have worked to restore populations.  Future generations will continue to hear the cries of loons on our lakes despite that fact this was a once threatened species.

During our meeting you will also hear of research work done during years past and present, to study and understand our native species.  Dr. Mike Cline will inform us of the research work which he and our Tin Mountain colleagues have performed to evaluate the impact of forestry practices on native and migrant species.  We will also learn more regarding Tin Mountain's newest research initiative whose focus concerns resident native bird species.  Come and learn more about Tin Mountain's avian research both past and present.

Lastly we will discuss some opportunities for volunteer support that can be provided through the Tin Mountain Bird Society.  That includes all of us! 

Please plan to attend the Summer Bird Society Meeting.  In the future you can expect quarterly meetings such as this one.  We already have some topics for our “Fall” meeting that promise to be both useful and interesting.