At Nature Learning Center

Annual Meeting & Field Day Schedule of Events:

7 AM- Birding at the Brownfield Bog with Keynote Speaker John Pumilio

8:30 AM- Exploration of New Bald Hill Lands

9:30- Wildflower Walk at the Rockwell Sanctuary

9:30- Family Hike to the Granite Quarry with Teacher/Naturalist Mike Dufilho 

11:30- Awards and Annual Meeting

Noon Lunch

Keynote Speaker:  John Pumilio, The Life of a Migrating Songbird

Lunch- $10/person, $20/family

Life of a Migrating Songbird: Birds are omnipresent in New England and especially around Tin Mountain. But what do we really know about their incredible life history? Each year millions of birds migrate thousands of miles across continents and over oceans. How do they do it and where do they go? In this presentation, we will explore the latest science attempting to unravel the amazing lives of migrating songbirds.