From 7pm until 8pm

Take a photographic journey across North America to see the oldest trees starting in the White Mountains of California where we will learn about 5,000-year old Bristlecone Pines. Our journey will take us to see other trees including Whitebark and Foxtail Pines, Redwoods and Sequoias that live for 2,000-years or more. We will travel to South Carolina’s blackwater swamps to see 1,600 year old Bald Cypress and to Ontario to learn about 1,600 year old Northern White Cedar trees. We will finish in New Hampshire where we will learn that we have the oldest broad-leaved tree in North America, the Black Gum, and an ancient Eastern Red Cedar growing on a cliff. We will describe how scientist age trees and why dendrochronology is so important in understanding climate change.

This program will be presented through Zoom.


Meeting ID: 912 1941 3411

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