From 9am until 3pm

At Nature Learning Center

It’s vacation week, and the fun abounds for children. Join us for a day of exploring the natural world in winter.

Tues, Feb 21, Grades 4-6: Winter Survival. 9 AM-3 PM Build a snow shelter and learn the basics of building a fire in winter.

Wed, Feb 22, Grades k-2: Tracks and Trails. 9 AM-3 PM We will strap on our snowshoes and head out in search of the wildlife that has been out and about on the Tin Mountain trails. From fox to squirrels, wildlife tracks abound!

Thurs, Feb 23, Grades 3-5: Nature Journals and Sketching. 9 AM-3 PM Winter is a great time to observe bird nests, animal tracks, birds at the feeder, tree bark, and buds. We will observe, sketch, and describe what we find as we explore the Rockwell Sanctuary on snowshoes.

Fri, Feb 24, Grades 2-4: Winter Adaptations. 9 AM-3 PM From fur and feathers to sleeping or staying put, we will explore the world of nature in winter and the ways both plants and animals adapt to snow, ice, and cold temperatures.

Cost: $45 M $50 NM/ day

Registration: Call 603-447-6991