snow3An anonymous donor with a passionate interest in sustainable forestry and the natural environment provided funds for Tin Mountain Conservation Center to purchase 1,181 acres of timberland in Conway from The Nature Conservancy. The donor believes that Tin Mountain has earned the support and confidence of local communities and is uniquely positioned to teach by example about sustainable forest management and to impart a strong stewardship ethic.

The lands are a portion of the former Bear Paw lands that were donated to The Nature Conservancy in 1998 that include a 500-acre parcel south of Route 302 along the Fryeburg/Conway town line as well as several separate and adjoining lots (67 to 239 acres in size) north of the East Conway Road approaching the Green Hill Preserve.

The local Upper Saco Valley Land Trust, initially established by Tin Mountain and others, holds and monitors a conservation easement on all of the forest properties. The easement allows for sustainable forest management, educational programs, and low-impact traditional public recreation, but prohibits clearcutting, subdivision and development.

bearpaw1Tin Mountain Conservation Center is committed to educational efforts and forest management practices that promote ecological diversity, environmental stability, social responsiveness, long-term forest productivity, and economic viability.  Overall stewardship goals for the forest and management practices are modeled after nature and the natural disturbance patterns that are responsible for the native forest systems found in the region.

Tin Mountain’s East Bear Paw property is open to the public for walking and mountain biking. There is a designated parking lot off Route 302.