After a summer of watching their beautiful colors against a background of green foliage, warblers are now on the move south! It is during August and September that many warblers begin their fall migration to their tropical homes where they will remain all winter. Some Warblers will travel up to 2,500 miles non-stop from the southern tip of the United States to South America where the will have a healthy supply of insects to feed on. American redstarts have started making their way back to Columbia and Venezuela. Pine Warblers have begun their journey to Florida and surrounding southeastern states. And Black-and-white warblers have started their trek to Mexico and the northern tip of South America.

One of the most common warblers to see migrating through the region is the yellow-rumped warbler. With its streaked brown body and yellow rump this bird is easy to identify. On Saturday, September 7 at 7 am, join Tin Mountain Conservation Center as staff and other experienced birders explore the Brownfield Bog in search of both migrating and residents birds. The group will meet at Grant’s before heading off to walk along the bog. Remember to bring along your bird guides and binoculars to better observe and identify warblers, hawks and waterfowl all on the move. Tin Mountain will provide extra binoculars for anyone who would like to borrow a pair.