Although Paul Martin Brown may be best known as the editor of the North American Native Orchid Journal and author of more than half dozen orchid field guides, ferns are his strong suit. Join Paul for this foray into the woodlands of west-central Maine for an opportunity to study 15-20 species of ferns and a variety of fern allies- lycopods, horsetails, and such. We will visit two rich woodlands and wooded swamps for both common and unusual species before visiting the garden of Paul Martin Brown and Stan Folsom for several others species that are not readily seen in our area. Be sure to gas up prior to meeting and bring a lunch. A brief workshop on fern morphology and vocabulary with handouts will be part of the day.


We’ll meet at the Miss Wakefield Diner in Wakefield, NH at 9:30am and carpool from there. Program fee of $10/member and $15/non-member applies. Tin Mountain workshops are sponsored in part by Natural Resources Conservation Service.