Chemical and physical actions at work in New Hampshire over many millions of years have produced today’s geological landscape that is largely responsible the vegetation and wildlife present today. Geologist Dr. James Vernon is a noted speaker who has spent a good part of his professional career examining the geology of New Hampshire and interpreting the history that presents itself. On Thursday, December 3rd at 7PM, Dr. Vernon will present Geology of the White Mountains in the Tin Mountain Conservation Center Coleman Great Room at the Center on Bald Hill Road in Albany, NH.


New Hampshire offers a great diversity of geological features from steep granite cliffs and exposed rock faces to expansive intervales as well as glacial kames and eskers. This presentation will help explain why certain geological features are found in particular places, which will make any travel in the region a bit more interesting as you will be able to better translate the landscape as you go.


Dr. Vernon is a geologist living in Sandwich, NH, and he currently works as a Senior Hydrogeologist and Project Manager for AECOM in Belmont, NH. He also works on groundwater supply (drinking water wells for town water systems) and contaminated groundwater projects as a consultant. He received geology degrees from Bucknell, Wesleyan, and the University of Oklahoma and has conducted field studies in New England, Georgia and the Rocky Mountains.