In this workshop on Hawk ID we will focus on the identification of hawks in flight. If you are a bird watcher you know that raptors flying past don’t always look like the posed birds in a field guide. This program was created to show how raptors really look during migration flights. Identification, flight, and behavior unique to each species will be studied. We will attempt to take some of the mystery out of identifying these large birds of prey that are more often seen in flight and at long distances.  Covering 19 species of hawks and vultures, including some of the rarer species, the presentation first focuses on how to identify the major raptor genera so you can narrow down an identification. Using graphics and animation it then focuses in on the field marks and flight patterns that will identify each species as they look in flight. This is an insightful program that both the novice and experienced bird watcher will not want to miss. 

If you are considering joining TMCC’s October 28-31 trip to Hawk watching sites in Pennsylvania then this is a program you should see.  We’ll also discuss some of the details of the upcoming trip for those that are interested.

Tin Mountain’s Nature Programs are sponsored in part by the Evenor Armington Fund and LL Bean. Donations of $3 per person and $5 per family are appreciated; members are free. For more information or to register, please call 447-6991.