Join Tin Mountain for an all-inclusive series on the mammals of Tin Mountain’s 140-acre Rockwell Sanctuary.  As a follow up to this summer and fall’s Herbarium Project, various wildlife and tracking specialists from throughout the state will provide the skills and knowledge necessary for surveying the mammal population of the property.  From tracking and signs, to furs and skulls, to wildlife habitat, individual sessions will combine both outdoor field time and instructive classroom meetings.


The program will start off with an overview of winter preparation throughout the landscape.  While the program will be focusing on northern New Hampshire mammals, participants should first understand the environmental factors these animals are facing to fully comprehend why certain behaviors occur.  Seasonal responses for plants, birds, mammals, and even rocks will be addressed.  Subsequent sessions will focus upon tracking and animal signs of specific animal groups, including canines & felines, weasels & rodents, and ungulates & others (bears, skunks, raccoons, hares).  Outside experts will be brought in to compliment Tin Mountain’s staff, including Rick Van de Poll, Chris Lewey and more. 


While participants are encouraged to attend all 10 sessions over the five month period, people are also welcome to attend individual programs.  The Mammal Project will run the first Tuesday (6-9pm) and third Saturday (10-3pm) each month November through March.  Each month will have a specific focus, but also take into account current mammal activity on the property. 


Monthly Focuses:

November – Preparing for Winter

December – Tracking and Animal Signs

January – Ungulates, Bears, Hares, & More (Chris Lewey)

February – Rodents & Weasels (Rick Van de Poll)

March – Canines & Felines   


Mammal Project runs the first Tuesday (6-9pm) and third Saturday (10-3pm) of the month, November-March.


Tuesday Nov 2, Dec 7, Jan 4, Feb 1, & Mar 1

Saturday Nov 20, Dec 18, Jan 15, Feb 19, & Mar 12*


* March date changed due to a scheduling confilct. 


Tuition: $15/member, $20/non-member per session or pre-register for all 10 courses – $120/member, $160/non-member.  Participants in the Naturalist Certification Program must attend a minimum of five sessions to fulfill the animal requirement.  For more information or to sign up for individual or all sessions call 447-6991 or email Nora at