Tin Mountain Conservation Center will feature noted ecologist Dr. Rick Van de Poll for Moths of New Hampshire as part of its continuing Nature Program Series on Thursday, April 8th at 7PM at the Nature Learning Center.  Prior to the presentation, Rick will set moth traps to determine which moths are currently active and help participants learn to identify different moth species in the field.


New Hampshire is home to about 1800 moth species and many are as beautiful as the 80 or so butterfly species that live in the state. The luna moth and cecropia moth are two rather large showy species commonly seen in the warmer months. Moths also can be troublesome when they ruin clothing and grains stored in the house; however, most are harmless and some are actually beneficial pollinating flowers and decomposing leaf litter.  If the question of why are moths attracted to light or why do most moths fly at night interest you, or you simply want to learn how to differentiate species of moths, don’t miss this program.


Cost to non-members is $3/person and $5/family; members are free. This program is sponsored in part by L.L. Bean and jointly presented with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) providing assistance to local landowners from its office in Conway, NH. For more information on this and upcoming programs, classes, and events at Tin Mountain Conservation Center, give us a call-hope to see you there!