Migrant birds of New England are well loved for their amazing migration routes and their beautiful colors and calls. But our resident birds are equally as astonishing as the colorful migrants. How is it that tiny black-capped chickadees, and red and white-breasted nuthatches, are able to survive our cold New England winters? If so many birds leave New Hampshire to overwinter where there is more abundant food, what do our residential birds eat throughout the snowy months that allow them to sustain themselves? The excitement of birding certainly doesn’t end when the warblers leave. There is a wide variety of beautiful birds to keep an eye out for throughout the coldest time of the year and Teacher/Naturalist, Sean Ash will tell you all about them. Join us on Thursday, December 5, as we delve into winter world of our neighborhood birds. Saturday, December 7 will be spent outside for some hands-on studying, with our local birds and their habitats.