Join the Tin Mountain Energy Team and numerous community representatives for:

Solar Installations for Municipalities & Schools

Tuesday, June 4th, 6:30pm

Nature Learning Center, Albany

There is rapidly growing interest in solar energy on the part of many towns in the Valley. In response, the Tin Mountain Energy Team is pleased to host a presentation on June 4th at Tin Mountain at 6:30 PM of Solar Installations for Municipalities and Schools. We have Henry Herndon and Ted Van Sant of Clean Energy NH who will be providing the basics of solar including explanations of the basics and vocabulary, financing, legislative issues, engineering considerations and examples of other towns’ and schools’ successes in New Hampshire. We will also hear from Noreen Downs of Madison and Dick Bennett of Jackson who have each been instrumental in getting town approval for solar installations for their town buildings. They will explain the processes they went through to research and propose particular projects. There will plenty of time for questions.

This presentation is for the benefit of school board members, SAU administrators, town selectmen, planning board members, facilities managers, county commissioners, eager citizens, and friends of renewable energy.


New name, same great programming! Tin Mountain has joined forces with the MWV Citizens for an Energy Efficient Community to form the Tin Mountain Energy Team. We remain committed to providing educational and instructive workshops on various renewable energy aspects.

Check out our new solar array on our intern cabin (pictured below). The 34-panel array, installed by Frase Electric, brings our electric production back to well past net zero!

Tin Mountain is committed to connecting residents of the Mount Washington Valley with opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint and save money in the process.

We offer a number of workshops annually on various aspects of renewable energy, including DIY, understanding net metering, and weatherization.

Our spring workshop on DIY solar PV was a great success, as evidenced by the photo below.  Pictured is Dave Bowles, workshop attendee, at his home in Wonalancet. Dave installed the system himself, and estimates that in doing so he was able to cut the installation cost almost half!

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming events, please contact program director, Nora Dufilho.

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