2 Great Speakers, 1 Great Program

Sunday, September 29, 2pm

Nature Learning Center, Albany

Join Tin Mountain for an Afternoon about the Ocean

Artist & scientist Bonnie Monteleone of the Plastic Ocean Project will present Stemming the Tide of Ocean Plastics. She will provide an overview of the problem; how it is being addressed through research, outreach, and public/private partnerships; and how we, as individuals, can help.

Blue whale expert, Michael Fishbach will then present Whales: Unlikely Climate Change Superheroes. Fishbach will reveal mysteries about the blue whale- the largest creature that has ever existed. This species, along with other whales, has an oversized role in restoring ocean health and combating climate change. Accidental ship collisions and marine plastics are killing these animals but the Great Whale Conservancy has an innovative plan to save them!