While our education staff isn’t physically in the classroom, they have been busy creating content for schools and interacting with the students remotely. Dexter took the break for the classroom teaching to finish a sing along song on migration, written from a bird’s eye view.

The teachers have posted it on their google classrooms and some kids report that they are singing it. Now you can too!

Listen to Getting Ready to Fly here.

Notes from the artist (Dexter Harding):

One of the features of this song is that kids etc can just echo the lines as I sing each one. So on this recording, that’s what my wife Lucy is doing, as I figure that will make it easier. That way they don’t even really need the lyrics. But if it is easy to post the lyrics, I think that would be ideal. You could add this message:

Hi Tin Mountain science kids! I miss you VERY much. I was thinking about you and thinking about the migrating birds that are starting to arrive. So I imagined I was one of those birds, and these are the words I would say! Now I am thinking about how you might try singing it at home and how pretty soon we will be singing again together. You can sing the words WITH me or sing each line after like an echo.

Springtime has not been cancelled though so much else has been. See and hear as much of it as you can!