Come join noted botanist and author, Paul Martin Brown on Sunday, July 11th from 10 AM through 3 PM for the second expedition in search of Mount Washington Valley’s unique and beautiful orchids in Tin Mountain Conservation Center’s nature program “Wild Orchids of the Valley II”. It is not very often that you will have the opportunity to learn about flora from someone as articulate, passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable as Paul Martin Brown. Author and noted botanist, Paul has an astute eye for flora, especially orchids; he knows where to find area species, can rattle off common and scientific names, and imparts knowledge of plant structure, anatomy and natural history story.  


The first orchid trip explored areas south of Albany, in this trip, Wild Orchids II  participants journey north in search of a variety of wild orchids including both very, showy as well as small, less dramatic nonetheless exciting specimens. Starting from the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center in Albany, New Hampshire at 10 AM, the floral route continues to West Side Road in North Conway to Crawford Notch and the Cog Railroad area and back to Bear Notch.


Some of the species to be found on this floral expedition include the majestic large purple fringed orchis, Platanthera grandiflora, often found in large colonies with plants to 2 or 3 feet tall and with 100 flowers, the oft-camouflaged green fringed orchis, Platanthera lacera, northern slender ladies’-tresses, Spiranthes lacera var. lacera, northern green bog orchid, Platanthera aquilonis, a dramatic mountain seep of the broad-lipped twayblade, Listera convallarioides and the spectacular large pad-leaved orchis, Platanthera macrophylla with flowers that often resemble elephant heads! Several other species may also been seen on this trip.


Reservations are requested by calling 603-447-6991. Fees for this program are $10 for members and $15 for non-members. Tin Mountain Conservation Center Nature Programs are generously sponsored in part by L.L.Bean and Natural Resources Conservation Service.