Consider becoming a member of Tin Mountain Conservation Center! Not only will you be supporting its mission to promote an appreciation of the environment through “hands-on” programs in schools, at summer camp, and in the community, you also will receive numerous membership benefits. Click Here for a Membership form  

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Our Sustaining Membership; the Rockwell Society

Membership on a monthly basis is the best way to give in our fast-paced, busy world. The Rockwell Society Membership, or our ‘Sustaining Membership,’ is the most efficient way to support the environmental efforts of Tin Mountain Conservation Center. You determine your monthly donation, and we will take care of the rest.

This reduces membership renewal reminders and membership mailings. We will ask once a year if you wish to remain in the Rockwell Society (membership on a monthly basis).

Basic Membership Includes:

  • Free admission to Nature Program Series
  • Invitation to “members only” exhibits and events
  • E-mail notifications of upcoming eventsimg_1293
  • Tin Mountain decal
  • Tin Mountain publications
  • Voting privileges at Annual Meeting
  • Tax deductible membership

$35  Quaking Aspen (Individual)

  • Basic membership for one adult

$50  Paper Birch (Family)

  • Basic membership for two adults and all children 18 years and under
  • Discount on Tin Mountain camps

$100  White Ash

  • Same as Paper Birch plus
  • Tin Mountain hat for NEW members

$250  Red Oak

  • Same as White Ash plus
  • Bring a friend! Free admission to Nature Programs for a friend
photo by Peter Smith


$500  American Beech

  • Paper Birch membership AND
  • Tin Mountain T-shirt for NEW members

$1,000  Yellow Birch

  • Paper Birch membership AND
  • Tin Mountain Vest for NEW members

$2,500  Sugar Maple

  • Paper Birch membership
  • Tin Mountain Life-time pin
  • Name on plaque in library


american-toadTOP 10 REASONS: Why people are members of Tin Mountain Conservation Center.

10. The Return-on-Investment (ROI): Support for environmental education easily clears even the steepest Return on Investment (ROI) hurdles.  Wise investors invest in Tin Mountain!

9. The Business Networking Opportunities:Members of Tin Mountain not only join the prestigious 30-year-old organization, they socialize on a daily basis with all the high-rollers in the community that believe the future depends on wise stewardship of our natural environment now. All business savvy individuals are members!

louisianar-0418. The Wildlife Networking Opportunities:Tin Mountain nature programs take members all over the North Country to meet the “Who’s Who” in the plant and animal kingdom. You’ll not find a more “connected” group. They can help you stay on top of the food chain.

7. The All-You-Can-Walk Hiking Trails: Sure the trail network on Tin Mountain’s 138-acre Rockwell Sanctuary is open to the public, but members have all-you-can-walk privileges. Now, that’s something to boast about!

heartofnh-0476. The Use of the Tin Mountain Time Machine:Members may bring children or grandchildren to “Nature Nuts,” or any of the many other kid’s programs, and be transported back in time to their own childhood nature experiences. Tin Mountain is not responsible for problems with re-entry to the real world!

5. The Nature Deficit Disorder Vaccine: Members’ children become vaccinated against Nature Deficit Disorder by participating in Tin Mountain nature programs. The vaccine requires “boosters”, so regular attendance is highly recommended!

dscn29384. The Glamorous Apparel: Yes, members receive the Tin Mountain T-shirt absolutely free (Red Oak and up), as well as deep discounts on fashionable hats and vests (10% off).  Join Tin Mountain, and dress for success!

3. The Red Carpet Treatment at Programs:Pay no attention to those endless lines at Tin Mountain programs, members have free admission and may simply waltz by all of those in line and be seated in the “best” seats. And there’s more! Members also receive discounts for summer camp, publications, and invitations to “members only” special events.

2. Do I even need to say more?

1. Really?

Tell us your favorite reason for being an Tin Mountain Conservation Center member!

Tin Mountain Conservation Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The grounds, facilities, and educational programs are supported solely through memberships and private contributions. Please consider joining us with one of the many levels of membership we have available.