Tin Mountain Conservation Center’s second This New Cabin workshop will be held on Thursday, October 17th from 4-6 Pm at the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center in Albany. This workshop will consider options foundations, septic system designs, site work, and portable sawmilling.

A former teacher/naturalist at Tin Mountain, Dick is a forester by training, skilled carpenter, a local forestry historian, maple syrup producer, talented alpine naturalist, brook trout researcher, and a sawyer.  Dick will discuss milling timbers for post-and-beam structures from trees species selection and laying out the work area for processing logs into boards to sawing the wood and stacking it properly. He also will comment on the economics of using local wood for all types of building projects.  Jory Bailey will be sawing timber for the project and will have his portable mill on site for demonstration.

Russ Lanoie and Harrison Hoyt have a wealth of knowledge and expertise conducting site work and constructing foundations of all types.  Russ will discuss options for siting septic systems and overall site drainage considerations.  Harrison will explain the various options and materials available for building a strong foundation that will last.  Using the cabin’s full foundation and septic system as a case-study, each step in the process will be explained and demonstrated.