Tin Mountain Winter Camp & Winter Family Festival

Who says camp is only for the summer months? The educators at Tin Mountain certainly don’t think so! The winter season is one of the best times to get your children outside playing in the woods. What better way to work off their endless childhood energy than to sign them up for an exciting day or two of Tin Mountain Winter Camp!

The first day of camp, Tuesday, February 18, is all about winter survival including how to light a fire, build snow shelters and boil water for cooking. The day’s activities will also include games representing how mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects survive the cold and snow of winter.

The second day of camp, Wednesday, February 19, will highlight all of our local winter wildlife. February is one of the best times to see what our local animals are up to by following the tracks and sign they leave behind in the snow. We will spend the day as winter wildlife detectives as we count toes, identify patterns, and piece together the clues left behind in the woods, pond, streams and swamps of the Rockwell Sanctuary.

The third day of camp, Friday, February 20, will focus on our magnificent winter birds from the smallest kinglet to the largest great-horned owl. The day will begin with an introduction to winter bird identification followed by a field exploration in search of winter birds and their signs. Campers will learn the art of calling in birds and identifying their individual calls and songs.

Please make sure children bring a lunch are dressed appropriately for staying warm in the snow. Tin Mountain will provide cocoa, snowshoes and binoculars for all. The cost of camp is $35/day/member and $45/day/non-member. Please contact Lori Jean Kinsey at lkinsey@tinmountain.org to register.