How do you summit a mountain that has no trail or explore a majestic stand of old growth when there is no path that leads to it? One word: bushwhack. A term defined as ‘to clear a path through thick woods,’ bushwhacking is an acquired skill. Tony Federer will begin the workshop with an evening session in which he will describe and teach techniques such as handrails, aiming off, and safety bearing. The workshop will also include a field session, allowing participants to put their skills to use in a group setting.

Tony Federer is a retired research scientist for the US Forest Service & orienteering enthusiast. An accomplished hiker, Tony through-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1995 as a kick-off to his retirement and is one of only a handful of individuals to have ‘red-lined’ the White Mountain Guide (hiked all of the book’s 549 trails). Tony is also the author of ECOSHIFT: The Movement That Is Changing the Relation of Humanity to Earth.

The two-part workshop is designed to help the recreational hiker to become comfortable off trail. In addition to teaching specific techniques, Tony will address the relative usefulness of map, compass, and GPS. If possible, participants should bring along a compass. Program fee of $10/member and $15/non-member for both sessions. The field portion of the workshop is limited to 10 participants and is currently FULL. Reservations requested; call 447-6991.