Bicycling the Broad-winged Hawk Migration

From 7pm until 8pm

At Nature Learning Center

How many of us really know what it takes to migrate from New England to South America powered by our own body? Eric Masterson does. In fall 2016 the Harris Center for Conservation Education biologist followed the broad-winged hawk migration on bicycle from his home in Hancock, NH, to Bogota, Columbia. What does a trip of that magnitude take? Join us to find out! Please register by calling 447-6991. 

Program fee: $3/member, $5/non-member


XC Ski the Brownfield Bog

From 9:30am until 2pm

At Meet at G&S Store in Brownfield

Explore the winter landscape of the Brownfield Bog on cross country skis.  We will search for signs of otter, moose, coyotes, and other wildlife as tracks abound.  Dress warm.  Participants must bring their own skis and a lunch.  Call 447-6991 for reservations.  No dogs please.


Winter Birds at Plum Island

From 7:30am until 4pm

At Meet at TMCC to carpool

Snowy owls, snow buntings, harriers, and rough-legged hawks are just a few of the possibilities that we may see on our annual trip to this remarkable birding spot. It's a long car ride, but worth it for a good day of winter birding.  Please register by calling 447-6991. 


EcoForum: Conway Rec Path-Vision & Reality

From noon until 1pm

At Nature Learning Center

MWV Rec Path Committee members will share their vision of a valley-wide recreation path. They will explain the current project, the North Conway Rec Path that will go from Cranmore to Hemlock Lane. Come find out what it’s all about and get the latest update on its progress.


First Season Benefit Dinner & Auction

From 5pm until 9pm

At Fryeburg Academy

Join Tin Mountain for an evening of dinner, music, and hundreds exciting items donated by local businesses and craftspeople. Call 447-6991 for more information.


Ultralight Backpacking

From 7pm until 8pm

At Nature Learning Center

Ultralight backpacking is not just for the youngsters. It is for anyone who wants to go farther, see more and explore remote areas. Staff naturalist Dexter Harding packs a 25 pound pack for 10 day summer backpacking trips in the Whites, the Rockies or in Canyon Country. He will show you the gear, and discuss meal planning and the mindset necessary to go ultralight.


Climate Change and the Ski Industry

From 7pm until 8pm

At Nature Learning Center

It is one thing to wonder what effects climate change has on the area’s ski industry. It is another to actually measure it. Dr. Elizabeth Burakowski of UNH’s Earth Systems Research Center has been working in conjunction with economists to place a dollar value on albedo and measure the effect of decreasing snow on the winter sports industry.


Energy Workshop: Focus on PV

From 9am until noon

At Nature Learning Center

Join the Tin Mountain Energy Team for this great workshop: : Focus on PV: a close look at solar electric PhotoVoltaics, including net metering, types of mounting, costs, battery storage and payback.

The workshop will begin with an overview of the importance of weatherization and available resources and discounts. The bulk of the event will focus of the 'Nuts & Bolts of PV installation,' including system types and components, as well as options for both grid-tied  systems and battery options. There will also be information on financing options.  

While the workshop is put on independently by the Tin Mountain Energy Team, vendors will be on hand to speak with participants at the end of the program about any specific questions or projects they may have. 


Why Do Animals Do That? Live Animal Program

From 4pm until 5pm

At Nature Learning Center

Fee: $5/member, $7/non-member, $12/family

Why do animals throw up when they're not sick? Why do they gnaw on wood if they don't eat it? With a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist and three live animal ambassadors we'll explore some of wildlife’s unusual behaviors and reveal the benefits of these peculiar habits.  Please register by calling 447-6991. 

Special Program Sponsor: Settlers Green