Planting seeds. The next 40 years.  Capital Campaign.

We invite you to join us as we look forward to, and plant the seeds for, the next 40 years.  The work and planning that our staff, board of trustees, members and volunteers have done serves as a nutrient rich soil in which to plant the seeds of growth. We welcome your questions, input, ideas and help to bring this blueprint to life.

What began in 1980 as Barbara Rockwell’s dream has evolved over the past 40 years into a well-established, well-respected, and ever-growing reality in the heart of the Mt. Washington Valley.  At Tin Mountain success is measured by the number of children we teach, the campers we lead, the programs we offer, the scholarships we grant, the research we conduct and the lives we inspire.

The campaign to make it happen.

Since its beginning 40 years ago, Tin Mountain Conservation Center has held fast to its founding mission. Looking towards the future, Tin Mountain wants to delve even deeper with expanded land, resources and programming. Tin Mountain is asking for your support to plant the seeds for the next 40 years of growth.  We seek to raise $1.3 million dollars through this campaign to seed the future of environmental education, conservation and research.


  1. Acquire a 73 acre parcel of land, adjacent to our existing property in Albany, NH bringing our total landholdings to just over 300 acres.
  2. Secure our financial future.
  3. Expand and enhance our programs and trails
    1. Create Nature’s Playscape that fosters active, imagination-fueled play
    2. Build an accessible nature trail to make nature accessible to everyone.
  4. Repurpose the existing historically significant barn into additional program and event space and construct a new Workshop and storage barn to store and protect equipment, tools and vehicles.

We present detailed information in the attached publication and ask you to use the pledge sheet to make your donation to the Planting seeds. The next 40 years.  Capital Campaign.

For more information explore the following resources:

(Note: The CARES act provides special tax advantages for donations made in the 2020 tax year. Please consult with your financial / tax advisor to learn how you can take advantage of tax credit.)