Hawk Talk

From 7pm until 8pm

Join Tin Mountain research manager Katy Lewis for a discussion of common migrating hawks of the northeast. The program will cover basic identification marks, flight, behavior, and sightings of hawks. An optional hawk watch on 9/25 allows participants to put these new ID skill into practice. 

Zoom Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87482871350

Meeting ID: 874 8287 1350


Hawk Watch: Peary Mountain

From 9am until 12pm

Join us in search of hawks during their fall migration. Enjoy a great hike on Peary Mountain in Brownfield, Maine, while we look for hawks, other birds, and signs of fall. Bring binoculars or borrow ours.
Registration is required. Call 447-6991 or click here to register online.

Environmental Book Group: A World on the Wing

From 3pm until 4pm

Bird migration entails almost unfathomable endurance, avoiding dehydration, and orientation skills tied to the earth’s magnetic field. A World on the Wing by Pulitzer Prize finalist Scott Weidensaul introduces readers to the scientists, researchers, and bird lovers studying and trying to preserve global migratory patterns in the face of climate change and other environmental challenges. All are welcome; you don’t need to have finished to book (or even started it). And join us on October 14 for a special program with the author!

Zoom link to come.

Tin Mountain’s Environmental Book Group is sponsored in part by White Birch Books


Fantastic Fungi I Have Loved and Known: Evening Program

From 7pm until 8pm

Join mycologist Dr. Rick Van de Poll for a Thursday evening photographic tour of the fantastic (and infamous) fungi of New Hampshire followed by a walk the following weekend. Dive into the microscopic world of fungal growth and development, meet up with mycelium and mycorrhiza, and learn how to separate the edible from the poisonous, the common from the rare, as well as how to prepare mushrooms for winter consumption long after they have retreated underground. An additional guided walk on 10/17 will infect the beginner and the practiced amateur with fun-filled facts about our most mysterious kingdom of organisms on the planet!

Zoom link to come.


Author Series: Scott Weidensaul, A World on the Wing

From 7pm until 8pm

Tin Mountain is excited to host acclaimed ornithologist and writer Scott Weidensaul for this virtual program. Earlier this year Scott released his second book, A World on the Wing: the Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds, an exploration of the science and wonder of global bird migration. Even as scientists make astounding discoveries about the navigational and physiological feats that enable migratory birds to cross immense oceans or fly above the highest mountains, go weeks without sleep or remain in unbroken flight for months at a stretch, humans have brought many migrants to the brink.

Join us as Scott discusses researching his newest book, and the global travels he took to learn how people are fighting to understand and save the world's great bird migrations.

Special program fee: $5/member, $10/non-member. Fee is per screen.

Space is limited and registration is required. Call 447-6991 or click here to register online.