Tin Mountain’s current school programs reach five school districts and are an integral part of 16 schools, serving nearly 5,000 students in the Mt. Washington Valley and western Maine.

Tin Mountain’s environmental science and natural history programs are designed to complement existing curricula in northern New Hampshire and western Maine schools. Programs offer factual information and direct field experiences that heighten the students’ awareness of the processes that make up the natural world.

Programs offered in area schools are hands-on, involving multiple visits to classes and  substantial field experiences. Tin Mountain school programs are offered at half the actual cost that they are to present because the staff and Board of Trustees are committed to providing quality environmental education programs that are affordable. For a sample of some of the work Tin Mountain does within the public schools systems, click here.

If you have questions or would like discus having Tin Mountain come into your class, contact Education Director, Phaedra Demers at pdemers@tinmountain.org.


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