It is with heavy hearts that we have made the decision to cancel Tin Mountain Summer Camps for the 2020 season.

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Our Old Favorites & Newly Appreciated Nature Niches

Our staff shares the close to home spaces that are keeping us sane in these strange times. We would love to hear about your favorite ‘nature niches‘ too. Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram.

In April each year, when the water is high, my favorite place to be is gliding among the silver maples. Reflections so clear I can lose track of which way is up! Dexter

When our family needs a quick change of scenery, our go-to is a walk to Pond 4 at the Field Station. Nora

Nothing makes me feel more mentally refreshed than a close by jaunt up South Doublehead Mountain in Jackson. There is no better sunset or sunrise location. Matt

My wife, our dog and I often walk a trail loop with views towards the Squam Range. The ponds are undeveloped and are lined with ancient trees. Best of all? The rare plant and mushroom habitats are superb! Rick

I’m new to my New Hampshire backyard, but so far I’ve found a lot of solace and joy from hiking and birding at the Tin Mountain Jackson Field Station! Katy

Chase Pond is one of my favorite spots on the property to visit. There’s always something amazing there if you look close enough. James

One of my favorite spots to explore is the stream behind my house. My dog Luna loves it too! Kat

Just off trail and just below the summit of Kearsarge North.  Best when hiked from the backside to explore the old growth around Shingle Pond.  Mike

Along the Swift River in the Albany Town Forest. It’s an easy hike or mountain bike for little kids. Phaedra

This spring I tapped 24 sugar maples in my backyard in a sugarbush by the Wildcat River. The ritual of collecting the sap and hearing the ping of the drops in the empty buckets always made me smile. Lori

Near a babbling brook, anywhere under a blue sky, in the woods…. Dawson

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