Who We Are:

The Tin Mountain Bird Society provides meaningful experiences for area birders and enlists support for bird conservation efforts in the White Mountain region. Our mission is to further the work of citizen science and bird-related conservation efforts through avian field trips, training opportunities, research projects, and educational programs.

How does it Differ from TMCC?

The Society is part of Tin Mountain Conservation Center, tapping into the existing resource base of avian-centered adult and child programs. However, the Society seeks to expand the offerings for avid and would-be birders alike, particularly in the area of hands-on training and citizen science opportunities. The Tin Mountain Bird Society also will seek partnering relationships with similar organizations where meaningful synergy exists.

Why Join?

If you are a member of Tin Mountain, you are likely asking yourself, ‘why join the Bird Society? I’m already part of Tin Mountain…’

There is no financial obligation in joining the TMCC Bird Society. Instead, what we are looking for in our membership is participation. The society is designed for individuals looking to further their knowledge and involvement in avian efforts. We understand that no one will be able to attend all of the events, but we anticipate that you’ll find time to attend the programs or workshops that will be most beneficial to you. Bird Society members may also opt to participate in on-going citizen science and data gathering efforts, even if they are at your own feeders.

So Why Join? Besides getting to spend time with other area birders, you will expand your knowledge through training, education, and involvement as well as help support ongoing research efforts and the identification of long-term population trends.

Visit the Tin Mountain Bird Society Facebook to view and post recent and unusual bird sightings in the area. Interested in more information or becoming a member? Email nbeem@tinmountain.org or call (603) 447-6991. In addition to program offerings, the Bird Society meets regularly and encourages all interested parties -regardless of age or expertise- to attend.


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