dscn29381Tin Mountain Conservation Center purchased 1,181 acres of timberland in Conway from The Nature Conservancy in November 2006 thanks to an anonymous donor. It presented a great opportunity; however, it brings with it concomitant responsibilities to ensure that the lands are managed in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner. Toward that end, a Forestry Advisory Committee was formed, and a forest stewardship policy and principles of sustainable forest management have been developed.

Tin Mountain granted a conservation easement on the entire timberlands to the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust that ensures that the lands will never be developed and timber management will be held to a high standard.

Tin Mountain Conservation Center is committed to educational initiatives and forest management on its lands that promote ecological diversity, environmental stability, social responsiveness, long-term forest productivity, and economic viability.  Overall goals for the forest and management practices are modeled after nature and the natural disturbance patterns that are responsible for the native forest systems found in the region.