Tin Mountain area Renewable Energy Initiative, or TMREI, was created in the fall of 2010 to address the need for solar energy in the Mount Washington Valley. Based on PAREI’s model of neighbor-helping-neighbor community energy raisers, our local organization relies on the power of volunteers to lower installation costs and strengthen community bonds.

TMREI helps with the planning, purchasing, and installation of residential solar hot water systems on homes in the area. Interested in becoming involved as a volunteer or ready to host your own energy raiser? Please contact outreach coordinator, Nora Dufilho. Homeowners ready to move ahead with the process should schedule a site visit to determine the most appropriate system based on the site and hot water needs. The visit will also secure a spot on the energy raiser calendar. There is an initial $200 fee for site visits to help defray time and travel costs associated with the program. 

Looking for a bit more information? Please take the time to read the resources below.


Solar Thermal Diagram

Energy Raiser Checklist

NH Rebate FAQs

NH Rebate Application

Maine Rebate Program

How much does a system cost? It depends….

A homeowner can have a closed loop solar water heating system professionally installed for a cost ranging from $6000 – 9000 before rebates and tax credits. Costs vary depending on the household size, complexity of the collector location, length of pipe run, water tank choice and size of collector. In 2011 after state and utility cash rebates and the federal tax credit a solar water heating system costing $7500 cost the homeowner $3000 – about a six year payback after calculating energy savings.  If the homeowner lives in New Hampshire, it’s likely they can participate in a volunteer Solar Energy Raiser that can reduce the cost of a Solar Installation  by as much as $2000.