Join tracking enthusiast Joe LaRue for a two-part workshop for those who would like to become more serious in their approach to tracking. Through a classroom and field session, Joe will provide an overview of tracking skills and the currently accepted realm of measurement standards and terminology. He also will focus on proper identification of gaits and track patterns. Looking to improve your wildlife tracking skills? Join Joe and Tin Mountainon Tuesday, February 7,6-9pm and Saturday, February 11, 9am-noon. Participants are encouraged but not required to attend both sessions.

Joe LaRue has lived and worked in the Mt.WashingtonValleyfor the past 13 years. Joe became interested in tracking after hiking the Appalachian Trail and began to seek out schools and instructors to see what he could learn.  Joe’s personal goal is to become certified at the highest attainable level via the Cybertracker evaluation process.  This goal ought to keep him busy for the next 5 to 10 years.

Last winter during the Mammal Project, Tin Mountain introduced tracking as a means of evaluating species present on the Rockwell Sanctuary.  This year, local tracking enthusiast and Tin Mountain Naturalist Program participant, Joe LaRue will teach a two-part workshop for those who would like to become more serious in their approach to tracking.  Through a Tuesday evening lecture session and Saturday field session, participants will begin by exploring the current status of tracking in the world, the movement towards standardized language and terminology in tracking, foot morphology and an in-depth discussion of gaits and track patterns. 

The Saturday session will focus on taking the classroom experience into the field and applying that knowledge to tracks and trails found on the Rockwell Sanctuary. Saturday sessions will be small group experiences to maximize teaching time. Participants are asked to sign up ahead of time for the 9am-noon field session. There is a workshop fee of $15/member and $20/non-member for each session. There is a $5 discount for individuals who participate in both programs. Interested in learning more or signing up? Please call 447-6991.