Learning to identify trees in winter can be challenging, but with a few with a few tips and a little practice, participants will find that leaves are optional when it comes to recognizing trees in the forest. On January 22nd from 9AM-3PM, Tin Mountain director and forest ecologist Dr. Michael Cline will conduct a class on winter tree and shrub identification. Cline will present the necessary background before heading onto the forests of Tin Mountain’s Rockwell Sanctuary to test participants’ skills.


“Each tree species has its own distinguishing characteristics aside from leaves that make winter identification relatively easy if you know for what to look,” according to Cline. “It might be the color of a bud, the pattern of the bark, the arrangement of branches, or even the smell of the wood. It’s an easy and painless process to learn the trees in their winter attire.”


It is a day-long course, so participants are urged to bring lunch, sturdy/dry footwear, and a hand lens if possible. Those attending will receive the color-illustrated Centennial Edition of Forest Trees of Maine.  Cost is $25 for members and $30 for non-members. Call 447-6991 for more information or to register.