Artist Statement

I get a lot of inspiration for making art though Nature and the Universe. I feel as if I am on a mission to remind viewers of the magnificent wonder our natural world constantly evokes. I feel I cannot compete with the perfect beauty of the nature world by directly copying it, however I am compelled to convey its essence in a different way. I tend to balance a mixture of realism with abstraction in each piece; forms are accentuated and colors and textures are heightened to present an interesting and dynamic visual experience. These images are meant to capture the magic of nature that we live with everyday, yet often take for granted. I primarily work in acrylic and often incorporate techniques from watercolor painting in my work. By mixing artistic styles, I aim to present unique works that evoke multi-faceted interpretations.

Thoughts about this work

In this series, “Reflections in Nature” I decided to explore more local elements of our natural world. As a New Hampshire native, it felt long overdue. I am inspired by nature, however I typically have always been attracted to capturing the mysteriousness of outer space, or unusual colors in exotic wildlife. New Hampshire for the most part has always been home, and although it is beautiful it felt mundane for me to paint. Producing this body of work was good challenge that further connected me to home. I have always had a great appreciation of New Hampshire wildlife, however I now feel a greater sense of place here as a result of looking deeper within my immediate surroundings, rather than simply living in it.

Kristen Pobatschnig holds a BFA from Colby-Sawyer College and currently lives in the Mount Washington Valley.