Bird song can be one of the most rewarding aspects of birding with the variety of songs, calls, and chip notes expressed by our avian populations; however, it’s no wonder most people are intimidated by the challenge of learning to identify birds by sound.  Taught by naturalist Chris Lewey, of RAVEN Interpretive Programs this workshop will focus on our most common songsters and will teach techniques for recognizing and remembering their songs.  We also will look into some of the behavior surrounding birdsong and the biology behind it.  Suitable for beginners as well as experienced birders, this program is timed to get you working on birdsong before the return of our native migrants from their wintering grounds.


The first session will cover many basics to birdsong with some hands on techniques and practice skills to learning to recognize birdsongs.  The second part will expand our investigations with additional species including some more complex and challenging groups of birds to work with recognizing their songs.  During these sessions we’ll take a close look at some of the recent technological tools available such as birding software and ipod/iphone apps for rapidly speeding the learning process and easily providing quick access to recorded songs and calls.  You’ll see we’ve come a long way from LP’s and cassette tapes with hard to access recordings allowing us to approach learning birdsongs from more than just memorization techniques.  This should be a workshop that both the novice and the experienced birder will glean much from.  We hope you’ll join us for one or both of these sessions as we prepare for the upcoming months and the return of our exciting native songsters.   


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Each session of ‘Cheep’ Entertainment has been approved for 3 ceus by the State of New Hampshire.



Tin Mountain Adult Nature Workshops are sponsored by LL Bean and Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS). Call 447-6991 to register.