From 4pm until 6pm

At Nature Learning Center

Margaret Dries has been creating art as long as she can remember... from the time a truly treasured gift was a set of Prismacolor pencils or the super deluxe 64-size box of Crayolas to experimenting with collage and textures today. Margaret was raised in Wisconsin, studied fine art at the University of Wisconsin, exploring figure drawing, 2 and 3-dimensional art, illustration and graphic design. She lived in Chicago before moving to New Hampshire. She owns Sunset Hill Studio a graphic design and art business in North Conway.

Margaret works as a graphic artist and art director. Margaret’s paintings speak to the viewer and share her vision of the world, but also allow for individual interpretation as it fits the viewers experience. Part of the intrigue of abstract art is the ability to draw in the viewer and let them explore the painting.

Margaret's work will be on display in the lobby of Tin Mountain Conservation Center through June. Stop by and see it!