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Due to a conflict with the presenter, we are unable to offer Moths of the Pine Barrens. However, we will be presenting Butterflies & Moths of NH.

Over 200,000 'scaled-wing' insects likely roam the Earth, yet we only see about a tenth of that number in North America. Most commonly known as butterflies and moths, the order Lepidoptera is one of the largest and most diverse groups of insects in the world. With roughly 750 butterfly species and 11,000 moth species in the United States, they play an incredibly important role in pollinating all types of flowers, from trees to shrubs, wildflowers, and crops. Without them, we would be bereft of many of our foods and ornamental flowers. With over one million scales per wing in our largest Saturnids moths, these amazing creatures typically weigh less than a half gram (about the same as the head of a pin). Yet certain species are known to fly several thousand miles in migration, and after several generations, return to the same overwintering tree in Mexico (think monarch!). Join Dr. Rick Van de Poll for this introduction to the scaled-wing insect world about us and find out more fascinating facts!

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