From 9am until 2pm

At Nature Learning Center

Tin Mountain Conservation Center’s Forestry Group was formed recently to help landowners make things happen on their woodlots, and it is comprised of Executive Director Dr. Michael Cline (forest ecologist /forester), Dan Stepanauskas (forester), and Dick Fortin (forester). The Forestry Group will lead a workshop that covers basic silvicultural options and wildlife habitat considerations, examines forest management plans to accomplish stewardship goals, discusses financial assistance programs available to help accomplish management practices, and breakdown the entire process of planning/conducting a timber harvest.

The workshop is on Saturday, May 7th from 9 AM to 2 PM at the Tin Mountain Conservation Center in Albany, but much of the presentations will be in the field on the organization’s timberlands in East Conway. The field trip will showcase examples of most of the practices that qualify for financial assistance programs and allow for wide ranging discussions of management options available to landowners.  In addition, the workshop will help landowners understand the steps to take in proceeding from an initial forest management plan to an eventual timber harvest. Whether wildlife, recreation, or timber is the prime reason for owning a woodlot, a carefully planned and implemented timber harvest may help landowners achieve their goals.

Participants will visit several past timber harvests, forest trails and landings installations, stream crossings, pre-commercial thinning/timber stand improvement, brook trout habitat restoration, invasive plant removal, bird nest boxes, tree/shrub wildlife plantings, and access gates.  Experts from TJays Tree Service will share their experience and teach specifc skills required to achieve the best results with the varied plants encountered.  knowing theses management activities will add economic value to timber, increase aesthetic values, enhance recreation opportunities, and help achieve wildlife habitat goals for the property. The workshop is designed to help forest landowners take a more active role in managing their forest land.

The program that is open to anyone with an interest in forest management and stewardship. Participants are urged to dress appropriately for time outside and to call for reservations. Program is presented free of charge, and refreshments will be served. Call Mike at 447-6991 for more information.