From 7pm

At Nature Learning Center

Learn about the behavior, survival methods, habitat and diet of our winter birds including visitors from the far north. Close-up images and recorded sounds will aid in building and refreshing your identification skills. We will focus on “irruptive” species such as the Bohemian waxwing, evening and pine grosbeaks, redpolls, pine siskins, snowy owls and more. We will also learn how our resident species such as chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers survive our long winter.

The program will also discuss winter bird feeding, Winter Finch Forecasting, Project Feeder Watch, Christmas Bird Counts and other activities for you and your family. Our speaker has extensive experience with winter birds and has been the Compiler for the Pittsburg and Littleton Christmas Bird Counts for over 20 years.

Whether you are using the course as a refresher or learning the material for the first time, put these identification skills to work during the 23nd Annual North Conway Christmas Bird Count on Tuesday, December 29th.  Call Tin Mountain at 447-6991 for more information.