Hundreds of thousands of brilliantly colored pink and white blossoms are emerging and, the black-throated blue warbler is nesting among the leathery leaves and branches of the most northern native mountain-laurel population in the United States (an perhaps the largest in New Hampshire) right here on Tin Mountain’s Rockwell Sanctuary off Bald Hill Road in Albany.


Join executive director Michael Cline on this members-only walk to this fragrant, picturesque, natural plant community this Saturday, June 18th from 10 AMNoon on the Rockwell Sanctuary Mountain Laurel Trail in Albany. This stroll winds through an extraordinary forest community of pitch, red, and white pine, scrub and red oak, as well as numerous other unique plant assemblages. It’s a great way to meet other members and fellow supporters of environmental education, and it is something special we can offer to our fantastic members.