What’s all the buzz about fossil fuel alternatives? Find out in the upcoming Tin Mountain Conservation Center Energy Conservation Workshop on wood and geothermal heating options. Reserves of fossil fuels, a non-renewable resource, created hundreds of millions of years ago is being depleted faster than they can be replaced. Find out about wood and geothermal renewable energy alternatives and perhaps save some money in the process.


Looking to improve your heating bill and get out from under Big Oil?

This workshop offers a chance to explore traditional and modern wood, pellet and corn stoves, and furnaces and boilers including the popular self-contained outside boilers. The morning program will examine the influence that wood heat may have on both the global climate and the wallet. Hear what to look for and what to avoid from the folks who sell, install, and use these appliances. Participants will learn about sizing for optimum heating and safety, including chimney types and maintenance, and they will have an opportunity to learn first-hand about Tin Mountain’s wood gasification boiler system.


Are you enticed by new-fangled technology?

Workshop host, Russ Lanoie, has invited heating experts to explain the pros and cons of geothermal heating that taps heat from the earth to warm and cool as well as provide domestic hot water for homes and businesses. This modern alternative has been made more cost-effective by advanced construction techniques. Heat pumps also may be an option for climates with moderate heating and cooling needs, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners.


Heat storage and distribution systems are an important component of both wood and geothermal heating systems. Presenters will examine the advances in radiant-floor heating as well as integration into conventional heat distribution (baseboard, forced hot-air, radiators, etc.).


Want the government to pay you for heating more efficiently?

We’ll culmination the workshop with a review the federal, state, and utility rebates available for these alternative technologies. The workshop is scheduled from 9 to noon at the Tin Mountain Nature Learning Center on Bald Hill Road in Albany, NH, but folks are encouraged to stay for afterward to visit with presenters to have individual questions answered.

The cost of the workshop is $10 members, $15 non-members, and $5 for students and seniors. The Tin Mountain Conservation Center Energy Workshops are presented by Russ Lanoie and are sponsored by New Hampshire Electric Co-op and Cormack Construction Management. If you are looking for AC services within the area, you can check out https://classicacservice.com/.