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Please consider making a general donation to Tin Mountain which will be put toward our Annual Fund of 2015-2016.

Tin Mountain has been a thriving organization and responsible voice for environmental stewardship for the past 35 years. Its success is largely thanks to Trustees, Volunteers, Members, and Donors. You are the organization’s supporters and ambassadors to the broader community; and working together, Tin Mountain will continue to cultivate an environmental ethic that protects the beautiful natural world now and for future generations.

Tin Mountain environmental education programs have had a lasting influence on past students’ career choices and/or their lifelong relationship with the outdoors. Some past students are now natural scientists researching topics from bird migration to climate change, environmental lawyers prosecuting polluters, science teachers in our local schools, logging contractors and foresters practicing sustainable management, and land-use planners promoting smart growth to name only a few. Many relate the value of their Tin Mountain experiences as they eagerly enroll their children in camp or other programs. The value they place on environmental education is a testament to the lasting effect of Tin Mountain school programs.

Please consider making a contribution today. Thank you for creating a better world.

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