From 7pm until 8pm

2-part Program: October 15 & 22

Are you prepared for the next power outage? In advance of the winter season, Tin Mountain is offering a 2-part program on emergency preparedness, focusing on back-up power supplies. A panel of industry professionals representing utility companies, electricians, gas, and solar will present viewers with information every homeowner should know about how to ‘weather the storm’ of no electricity.

Part I (Oct 15) will cover what homeowners need to know about their specific systems to better plan for power outages, while Part II (Oct 22) will focus on comparing generators with battery back-up systems, including Tesla Powerwalls. Viewers will be presented with considerations for purchasing, installing, running and maintaining all of these power back-up systems.

You do not need to attend both, but it is highly encouraged!

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/93466211255

Meeting ID: 934 6621 1255